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Single Deck Blackjack Review

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This game can be played at Luckland via Game Search on their website.

Rules of Single Deck Blackjack

When playing single-deck blackjack, you should get a hand value of 21 or any number that is close to 21 without going over or busting. You can also have the dealer bust or stand.

When playing the game, you will need to place a bet. After that the dealer deals you two cards facing up and gives himself one card facing down. You would have to make a decision whether to stand, hit, double down, place another bet, or split your cards. This decision is made based on the cards in front of you.

The rules of single-deck blackjack are that, only one deck of cards is used. The single deck of cards is then shuffled before each gaming session begins. The dealer will then hit on soft 17. You can then split a hand up to three times. Also, you can split Aces and then get only one ace. However, the aces cannot be split again. You should note that a hand that has a split ace and any other card with a value of 10 is not a blackjack. Also, Blackjack pays 3:2. Furthermore, if you win insurance bets, it pays 2:1, while any other winning hand will pay 1:1.

Why Play Single-deck Blackjack

In order to take advantage of the lower house edge in single-deck blackjack, you will need to understand the game fully, as well as its rules. Also, single-deck blackjack is great for card counters. This is because they usually get a more favourable count faster. However, you should note that card counting only works if you’re playing the game in a brick-and-mortar casino. This is because when playing at an online casino, cards are always shuffled after each hand.

Disadvantages of Single-deck Blackjack

It should be noted that some casinos modify the rules of single-deck blackjack. They do this to make the house edge higher, usually more than that of eight deck blackjack. Also, some casinos do not give out comp points when playing single-deck blackjack. This is because they will not make much money out of it in the long-term considering the low house edge.

The House Edge and the Side Bets

As we have already mentioned, the house edge is relatively low in single-deck blackjack. In fact, it’s as low as 0.5%. You can use the Royal Match as a side bet that you can place when playing single-deck blackjack. Here, the payoffs are 3:1. This is for an Easy Match. For a Royal Match, the payouts are 10:1. This increases the house edge to 3.8%.

The Single-deck Blackjack Winning Strategy

As you may have already discovered, the rules of this variant of blackjack are the same as those of classic blackjack. What this means is that all of the common strategies of blackjack will work as well.

Because in single-deck blackjack, only one deck of cards is used, it means that card counting systems will work just fine. This is because the number of the high, as well as the low value cards will remain the same. That means nothing will stop you from using a particular card counting system. However, you should note that whatever system that you choose will need a few adjustments as your first two cards will be dealt face down. We recommend that you use the Hi-Op I system. One last thing, it’s important that you take into account all of the rules of this variation so that you can be able to decide whether it’s favorable or not.


Single-deck Blackjack is a variant of the classic game that is a favorite of many. This is because it comes with a really low house edge. This means that you can play for hours without hurting your bank bankroll. This great Blackjack giant is powered by NetEnt. We recommend highly that you play this game now.

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Single Deck Blackjack Review
Single Deck Blackjack Review
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