Missing German just sat in the casino

A major search was set up in Hamburg because a man was supposed to have disappeared this weekend. The man in question got lost while recording a police series, after which the emergency services took action. In the end it turned out that this was not necessary at all, because he just sat quietly in the casino.
Complete rescue team engaged for nothing
The missing man was working with a film crew near the river Elbe. When he was suddenly nowhere to be found, his colleagues were afraid that he had fallen into the river. The police and fire brigade were called in and got to work quickly. The situation was estimated to be so serious that a team of dozens of police officers with tracking dogs, firefighters, divers from the rescue team and a boat with sonar equipment were deployed.
Meanwhile, the missing man was unaware of any evil and was playing in the casino. Only when he looked at his phone and saw all the missed calls did it start to dawn on him. He made himself heard quickly and the search was stopped.
How it is possible that the man was reported missing and why he went to the casino is not clear. Probably it was a case of a communication problem that got a little out of hand.
A casino night fell into the water
This event must have been a bizarre experience for those involved. Especially for the man who sat carefree in the casino, while in the meantime a huge rescue team was looking for him. But who can blame him for wanting to relax in the casino with his phone on silent… He probably would have preferred to put all the money that the rescue cost in his pocket. Luckily it’s all ended with a sizzle, but next time the German will probably always let someone know when he’s going to the casino.

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